The Soufflet wheat industry expertise group is exported

06 May | 2019

Moulins Soufflet, AIT Ingredients et Neuhauser share a booth on the Bakery China show.

Bakery China

Soufflet Group is present to display its wheat-flour-bread industry expertise and continues to develop the cooperation of its activities.

To show Soufflet Group’s synergies, Moulins Soufflet, Neuhauser and AIT Ingredients share the same booth on the Bakery China show.

Moulins Soufflet will present its “Parisette” range. Developed for the export market, “Parisette” flour range will help artisan bakers to rediscover the excellence of French products.

AIT Ingredients will offer baking solutions to support the wheat-flour-bread industry.

Neuhauser continues to promote its innovations worldwide. It will exhibit their new products: filled croissants, cereal & seeds croissants, nordic loaf, “origin” baguette, etc.


The Coupe Louis Lesaffre, national selection trials for the World Bakery Cup, will take place at this show.

For the first time, Moulins Soufflet is the official flour supplier for Coupe Louis Lesaffre. Participants will use Melior and Baguepi’s flours range during the competition.

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