Soufflet launches its traceability platform

27 February | 2020

A QR code to follow the journey from raw material to end product.


The Soufflet Group is taking a new step in structuring its sustainable supply chains by developing a traceability platform. This makes it possible to highlight the French origin of its products using blockchain technology. The pilot scheme is currently on show at the International Agricultural Show.

As part of its strategy to strengthen supply chains and with the goal of promoting agricultural production in France, the Soufflet Group has developed its traceability platform with Connecting Food, a French foodtech company. Proceeding from upstream to downstream of the sectors, this platform seamlessly promotes the stages of the journey from raw material to end product.


The wheat sector: pioneer of sustainable traceability

The first application concerns the wheat sector, which enables Mondelez International to obtain supplies for the production of its Véritable Petit Beurre de LU, made from sustainable wheat.

This wheat is cultivated according to the Harmony charter to respect the environment by partner farmers whose farms are located closest to the Soufflet Group's production plants.

The consumer will be able to access information relating to the journey taken by the raw material via a mobile interface and a QR code located on the product packaging. Using blockchain strengthens the link with consumers who receive reliable information on the manufacture of their products.


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