Soufflet becomes a founding member of Ferme France

09 October | 2018

Soufflet joins Ferme France as a founder member. The non-profit association is committed to improving the societal performance of food and non-food products.


As referent in the development of the sustainable sectors, initially the Soufflet Group will actively participate in drawing up the sustainable criteria for the wheat sector, from the seed to the sandwich.

This work will make it possible,  over the coming months, to define a shared framework for assessing the products’ societal qualities and to provide consumers with clearer and fuller information.

"This commitment by the Group is absolutely in line with our strategy of strengthening the cereal sectors" commented Olivier CLYTI, Soufflet Operations manager. 

Download our press release "Soufflet joins Ferme France as a founder member"  in the "Media section" then "Press releases".


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