Soufflet Agriculture strengthens support for soil conservation agriculture

29 March | 2020

Soufflet Agriculture is launching a team training programme and cycle of distance or e-learning for farmers.

Conservation des sols

Support for the development of Soil Conservation Agriculture

Soufflet Agro has supported Soil Conservation Agriculture for several years as part of the international SoilTeQ programme. In each region of France over the last three years, Soufflet Agriculture has regularly organised demonstrations and meetings in the field between experts and producers to publicise and promote this agronomic approach. Soufflet Agriculture is also a partner of the Poix (51) multi-year experimental platform which provides data on permanent soil cover.

To support the development of SCA, Soufflet Agriculture is deploying a two-pronged training programme this year:

- A training plan for its field teams - more than 80 people in France - in partnership with iCoSystème, a specialist in SCA;

- A distance training cycle for farmers in the form of online conferences entitled "Les rendez-vous d’une campagne agricole" (Agricultural cycle exchanges). This programme is developed with its scientific partner, iCo Système, along with technical partners Sky and Lallemand. The objective is to deploy a panel of agronomic techniques resulting from field research with farmers who are Soufflet Agriculture clients.

Increasing soil fertility the key to the Soufflet Group's supply chain sustainability strategy

SCA is an agricultural technique based on the natural dynamics of the ecosystem. It has three basic premises:

- Reduction of tillage;

- Permanent cover with plants which energise the life of the soil and restore carbon from the air;

- Diversification of crops.

The combination of these three techniques generates benefits for soil fertility and biodiversity. SCA also reduces direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG). The Terrasolis programme on innovative cropping systems shows a possible 20% reduction in GHG emissions.

"Throughout its history, Soufflet Agriculture has always participated in the development of agriculture and supported evolutions in agronomic techniques in France and abroad. Its commitment to promote SCA is part of the process of strengthening the sustainability of its sectors" comments Cédric Bellec of the Agronomie Conseils Innovation service (Agronomy Innovation Consulting), responsible for developing the practice with farmers at Soufflet Agriculture.

Finally, Soufflet has been involved in the association PADV - Pour une Agriculture du Vivant (Agriculture for Life) since October 2018, whose vocation is to promote agronomic concepts based on the protection of soil fertility.

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