Press releases

13 May | 2022

Malteries Soufflet inaugurates its first malt house on the African continent, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

10 December | 2021

Avril Group and InVivo Group in exclusive negotiations for the sale of Soufflet Alimentaire

10 December | 2021

InVivo Group completes the acquisition of Soufflet Group

10 December | 2021

InVivo Group joins forces with KKR, Bpifrance and Crédit Agricole Group to make its “malt” division a global leader

15 June | 2021

Commissioning of the Soufflet malting plant in Addis Ababa

03 May | 2021

InVivo Group acquires Soufflet Group

15 March | 2021

We Do Fair - CSR Strategy

13 January | 2021

InVivo Group and Soufflet Group enter into exclusive negotiations with a view to a ground-breaking combination

13 March | 2019

Construction of a malt house in Addis Ababa: SOUFFLET continues its development in Ethiopia