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Premixes enriched with legumes


AIT Ingredients asked the Bakery SOUFFLET Division to develop protein-rich premixes.

“At each stage of development, we validated various bread formulations for their appearance, aroma and taste, all while verifying their protein content”, explains Fatiha HANINE.

Based on this research, two premixes were selected to be featured in the Eat Positiv range.

The first, Eat Healthy Pulses, uses a base of flours made from chickpeas, green split peas, yellow lentils and carrot powder, creating a classic bread with a light crumb.

The second, Eat Healthy Pulses & Co, is more creative and colourful, incorporating whole lentils which add some crunch and parsnip powder for a mild, sweet flavour. Perfect for making bread, sandwich loaf, milk rolls or brioches, these two soy-free premixes with 100% plant-based protein carry the claim “rich in protein and source of fibre”.

“These innovations, unveiled at the IBA trade fair in Munich this past September, were very well received with a number of requests for samples,” exclaims Fatiha HANINE. “They were also tested in cookies to be presented at the Food Matters Live event in London”.

A Soufflet subsidiary approach

To formulate its solutions, the Bakery Division enlisted Soufflet Alimentaire to test and select the different legume flours produced on the Valenciennes site (chickpea, split pea, lentil, etc.).

The final result, validated by AIT Ingredients, is part of the sector’s dynamic, backed by the Group’s range of expertise.

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