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Pôle Bakery

Research & Development - Marketing

Pôle Bakery Soufflet pools the R&D and marketing expertise and methods of the Group's wheat-flour-bread sector (Moulins Soufflet, AIT Ingredients, Neuhauser) and is responsible for managing the development and distribution strategies for new products, as well as the communication plans for brands and product ranges.

Pôle Bakery Soufflet promotes the Group’s know-how and expertise at agri-food fairs in France and abroad.

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Our actualities

Pôle Bakery Soufflet in figures

Updated on january 30, 2019
R&D and Marketing experts
Projects per year (at least)
R&D departments
Marketing hubs
2 000
Consumers questioned (at least)
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Our challenges

To develop innovative products and product advantages through an understanding of consumer expectations, close customer relationships and market responsiveness.
To optimise the sector's value chain: wheat, flour, ingredients, finished bakery products.

The strengths

of Pôle Bakery Soufflet

Bakery-Moulin Soufflet-Labo-farines

A specialisation-based organisation of business line functions and expertise.

Bakery-Moulin Soufflet-Laborantine

An R&D centre of expertise, with effective pilot projects and sensory analysis tools.

Bakery-Moulin Soufflet-R&D-pain

A Marketing and Research hub designed to understand and anticipate consumer expectations.