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Moulins Soufflet

Developing traceable value chains

Moulins Soufflet is one of Europe’s biggest millers. Specialising in the selection and processing of wheats, Moulins Soufflet blends and sells customised bespoke flours, the quality and consistency of which meet the demands of its different customers, which include artisan bakers, large retailers and food processing manufacturers in the agri-food industry, both in France and abroad. With its Baguépi Farine Responsable brand, Moulins Soufflet provides artisan bakers with the means to develop their exceptional know-how. 

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Our actualities

Moulins Soufflet in figures

359 M
Mills in France and Belgium
811 402 t
Flour production
13 %
Numbers of employees
Meunerie-pains spéciaux

Our challenges

To meet consumer demand for quality and food safety through complete product traceability.
To develop the co-construction of responsible value chains with our customers, in synergy with Soufflet Agriculture and the Bakery Hub.

The strengths

of Moulins Soufflet


French market leader with recognised expertise in the production of high-quality traceable bread flour.


Expertise of wheat technicians, millers and baker demonstrators dedicated to serving bakers, manufacturers and distributors.


Continuous investment in production tools consistent with customer and consumer quality and safety expectations.


Baguépi Farine Responsable


Moulins Soufflet en Europe

Click on the interactive map to see all our locations'mills and Soufflet flour deposits.



Baguépi Farine Responsable
Baguépi Farine Responsable - Harvesting good bread

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