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The Ingredients Division operates in different fields:

• With AIT, which operates along the wheat-flour-bread chain, it produces technical solutions (improvers, correctors, enzymes) and aromatic solutions (sourdoughs, roasted malts, cereal blends) for the milling and baking industries.

•  With Soufflet Biotechnologies, it produces enzymes used for the oenology sectors, fruit processing, baking, brewing and feed, as well as sourdoughs for the baking industry.

The Ingredients Division provides tailor-made offerings and services, and continues to develop its expertise in the European, African and South American markets, as well as the Middle East and Asia.

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Ingredients in figures

Updated 2021
74 M
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Our challenges

To meet millers’ and manufacturers’ demand for regularity, performance and innovation by relying on the expertise of the Group’s wheat-flour-bread sector.
To provide solutions that meet the taste, practical and aesthetic expectations of consumers, as well as the demand for natural products.

The strengths

of AIT Ingredients


Understanding of needs and development of solutions tailored to each market and product in the different regions of the world.

AIT-fruits rouges

Responsiveness, adaptability and proximity of teams in our markets: Europe, Africa, South America, Russia, Middle East, Asia.


Analysis of wheats on demand and annual Wheat Quality Surveys on European, South American and Black Sea wheats.


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AIT Ingredients in the world

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