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A major player in the Baked Goods sector

Within the Soufflet Group’s wheat production chain, Neuhauser is a major player in the baked goods sector in France and Portugal with Panpor. The company designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of baked goods.

An expert in bringing its products to market, Neuhauser is set up to serve mass retailers, the food-away-from-home (FAFH) industry, baking terminals and specialist retailers in France, Europe and around the world. It also develops its own brands for export, including Le Petit Français.

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Neuhauser in figures

updated 2021
336 millions
Production units in France
Production units in Portugal
1 611
Numbers of employees
290 Millions
Baguettes sold in 2018
BVP-chaine-boules pâte

Our challenges

To provide consumers with high-quality traceable products by promoting the wheat sector as part of a sustainable farming approach.

In partnership with our distribution and industrial customers, to co-construct product offerings from traceable value chains.

The strengths

of Neuhauser

BVP-Croissant s et pains chocolat

Set to become the market leader for industrial Baked Goods and Pastries in France and Europe.


Understanding of the various technologies for producing high-quality bread on an industrial scale, with one of the largest production capacities in Europe.


R&D and Marketing excellence of the Bakery Hub, dedicated to providing a wide and ever-changing range of products for the French and export markets.

BVP-pasteis del nata

Pasteis de nata: the pastry on the rise


Neuhauser in Europe

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