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A major player in the Baked Goods sector

Within the Soufflet Group’s wheat sector, Neuhauser is a major player in the baked goods sector in France and Portugal with Panpor. The company develops, manufactures and distributes a wide range of products, including:
- bakery: uncooked breads, tray part-baked breads, stone part-baked breads and speciality breads, 
- frozen and pre-proved pastries,
- fresh pastries:  milk rolls, brioche and Chinese brioche,
- cakes: doughnuts, Pastel de Nata.

Neuhauser is set up to serve large retailers, the food away from home industry, baking terminals and specialised distributors in France, Europe and throughout the world. Neuhauser is also developing its own brands, including le Petit Français for export. 

Nearly, 44% of the company’s revenue comes from foreign sales and it has 2,001 staff across 12 production sites in France and Portugal. 

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Neuhauser in figures

378 M
Production units in France
Production units in Portugal
1 872
Numbers of employees
290 Millions
Baguettes sold in 2018
BVP-chaine-boules pâte

Our challenges

To provide consumers with high-quality traceable products by promoting the wheat sector as part of a sustainable farming approach.

In partnership with our distribution and industrial customers, to co-construct product offerings from traceable value chains.

The strengths

of Neuhauser

BVP-Croissant s et pains chocolat

Set to become the market leader for industrial Baked Goods and Pastries in France and Europe.


Understanding of the various technologies for producing high-quality bread on an industrial scale, with one of the largest production capacities in Europe.


R&D and Marketing excellence of the Bakery Hub, dedicated to providing a wide and ever-changing range of products for the French and export markets.

BVP-pasteis del nata

Pasteis de nata: the pastry on the rise


Neuhauser in Europe

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