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Malteries Soufflet

Developing sustainable sectors

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Through its integrated management of the barley sector in its countries of operation, Malteries Soufflet is able to meet the most demanding specifications of its brewing customers: from the field to the pint of beer, ranging from the selection of new or specific varieties through to the selection of the highest quality malting barleys for its malt houses.
Its experts manage every last detail of all the production processes at its plants with the aim of providing the finest malts.
As a leading international player, Malteries Soufflet has malt houses in Europe, Latin America and Asia, giving an annual malt production capacity of 2,280,000 tonnes.

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Our actualities

Malteries Soufflet in figures

Updated on june 30, 2018
911 M
Maltings in France
2 280 000 t
Storage capacity of Malt
Maltings in foreign countries
1 094
Numbers of employees
Malterie Inde 2

Our challenges

To structure and develop sustainable malting barley sectors, from malt variety selection through to delivery, both in France and abroad.

To serve brewers across the globe through our exported European crops or our local crops.

The strengths

of Malteries Soufflet


Presence in the world’s main malting barley regions, close to farmers and brewers, as part of a sustainable sector approach.


Excellence of industrial malt production processes rooted in a CSR approach for the conservation of water and energy resources, respect for the environment and employee safety.

Malterie Inde

Logistical expertise dedicated to meeting customer expectations in terms of flexibility and responsiveness.


Organic Certification at the Pithiviers Malt House


Malteries Soufflet in the world

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