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28 October | 2020

We have taken a new step in strengthening the sustainability of our sectors, with the launch of our "Sowing Good Sense" initiative.


“The economic upheaval engendered by the health crisis, on a global scale, has of course reached our Group.
In the midst of the crisis, our businesses were affected unevenly, depending on their target markets: from Soufflet Négoce, which remained highly dynamic, to a complete shutdown of the fast food sector.
This atypical quarter – March, April and May – has had an impact on our annual results.
That being said, we were able to keep that impact under control, for several reasons.
The terrific commitment of the employees at our plants and silos, and in our support services while working remotely (a very widely adopted practice), as well as their adaptability to new organisations, allowed us to continue serving our customers, whenever possible.
In addition, the fact that we have multiple target markets limited the consequences of an unheard-of economic crisis on the Group, as a whole. In other words, the diversity of our business lines was a key factor in the Group’s resilience.
However, the stakes in the coming months will be particularly high: in a climate of uncertainty as to how the economic
situation will evolve, we will also need to overcome the effects of the crisis and carry on with the company’s transformation.
In addition, we have made changes to our governance. Christophe Passelande, the Group’s Chief Executive, launched
a transformation of our Agriculture business. He will now be focusing more on the Group’s General Management.
Over the course of this financial year, we continued with the Group’s transformation, based on our strategic priorities. This has allowed us to take another step towards bolstering our supply chains’ sustainability, with the launch of our new approach, ‘Sowing Good Sense’.
We have also accelerated our digital transformation, from a point of view of both customer relations and industrial production,
with the twofold objective of adding more value and making us more competitive.
We will stay on this path as we continue to develop our Group.”

Jean-Michel Soufflet, Chairman of the Executive Board 



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