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We give value to the earth's potentials

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A French family-owned agri-food group of international scope

Soufflet is a French family-owned agri-food group of international scope.

It operates in the barley, wheat and rice and pulses sectors and advises and supplies vine growers and winemakers.

The group is the leading family-owned direct buyer of cereals in Europe, and also operates in the international cereal markets through its subsidiary Soufflet Négoce.

In the barley sector, it is one of the world’s top malt producers, with a presence in Europe, Asia, and South America.

In wheat, it is one of Europe’s leading millers and an expert in developing customised blends of ingredients. The Group also develops and manufactures enzymes and yeasts and is a major player in the bakery food industry in France and Portugal, and is also active in the fast food sector.

The Soufflet Group invests in research and innovation to enhance the value of agricultural resources.


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From its beginnings in 1900, Soufflet has been growing with the aim of building high-quality cereal sectors driven by a long-term vision and an approach based on sustainability.

Its work is rooted in values developed over the course of its history: simplicity and humility in human relationships; care and curiosity in understanding a changing world; organisational exemplariness and rigour; authenticity and mutual respect to foster trust.


countries worldwide

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Farm procurement
Soufflet’s mission is to enhance the value of agricultural resources in France and throughout the world based on the integrated management of cereal value chains: the collection, trade, transformation and quest for new ways of enhancing the value of cereals.
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The agricultural and agri-food sectors are more than ever in motion and the digital revolution is at work. Traceability, sustainability and digitization are shaping their future.

Innovation remains at the heart of Soufflet's strategy.

Its Innovation Unit's mission is to identify, select and accompany innovative ideas that create value for its businesses. Collaborators, suppliers, customers, partners, startups, are partners in our transformations.


A sector-based strategy

Mastering the cereal sectors lies at the very core of our mission to enhance the value of agricultural resources. The Group's activities are growing in the procurement of, international trade in, transformation of and quest for new ways of enhancing the value of cereals. The company is committed to sustainable development.



Our locations

The Soufflet Group's international outlook is long-standing, having emerged as a trailblazer in cereal exports from the 1970s. It then proceeded to establish itself outside of France in three key stages:

- From 1974 : European growth 

- From 1998: Development in Eastern Europe

- From 2012: Presence in emerging markets, Brazil, India, Africa.

Today, Soufflet operates in 19 countries.

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