Our staff

For us, safety and well-being at work are key priorities laid down in our Corporate Charter.

For Soufflet, the health and safety of its employees are an absolute priority. Training, behavioural visits, the safety day and awareness campaigns introduced in recent years have helped to reduce the number of workplace injuries. The range of measures taken to improve workplace safety also include manager involvement, risk control assessments and audits.

As for recruitment, Soufflet complies with very strict neutrality and non-discrimination criteria. The company places a particular emphasis on integrating employees and provides them with opportunities to develop in their work, gain new skills and continually improve their employability.


69 768 hours
Training provided on the 2017-2018 fiscal year

Staff training

Every year, the Group develops its training programmes in line with the company’s strategy with the aim of developing its employees' careers and improving their skills. In all of the countries where it operates, the Group complies with local legislation, particularly in the area of pay and working time.


Well-being at work

As a signatory to the Charter of Commitment for the Harmonisation of Working Life and Family Life, Soufflet recognises the importance of work-life balance.

The Soufflet Group also respects its employees’ right to privacy and freedom of association. It recognises that every employee is entitled to such rights, as well as the right to collective bargaining and to protection from violence, pressure, fear or threat.

Our values

The Soufflet Group Corporate charter
Our corporate charter

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