Our ethics

Ethics and responsibility lie at the heart of our decisions and actions.

Our principles of integrity, which our employees are required to abide by at all times, are written into our Corporate Charter.

Soufflet is committed to maintaining fair and sustainable relationships with its suppliers and service providers. These relationships are based on transparency, fair competition and impartiality.

The aim of creating and developing sustainable qualitative value chains, in transparent partnership with producers, is to meet consumer expectations in terms of traceability and to enhance the value of growers’ produce.

Social and environmental considerations also form an integral part of our purchasing processes and of the ecodesign of new offers of products and services.

The Group also ensures that all of its employees are aware of, share and scrupulously comply with free competition and fairness rules. The Audit and Compliance Department has published a compliance programme setting out the core principles and practical recommendations.

The Group Compliance Officer carries out training, awareness and audit actions as part of the roll-out of our codes and charters.

Our publications

The Soufflet Group Corporate charter
Our corporate charter

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