Négoce port nogent céréales

Developing the regions

The group’s local presence within the regions of France and abroad contributes to the dynamism of the local economic fabric.


Supporting farmers

Soufflet operates in thirty French departments, helping farmers to make changes and supporting the development of the agricultural sector.  Soufflet Agriculture's SECUR Harvest scheme, the only one of its kind on the market, offers farmers a guaranteed revenue per hectare to cover operating costs, regardless of the ups and downs of farming. Likewise, local sectors, such as the lentil sector in the Champagne, Berry and Burgundy regions, offer farmers a price guarantee.

Its 58 industrial sites in France and abroad contribute to the local economy.



Developing the regions

In France, Soufflet contributes €2 per tonne towards investments in railway renovation and maintenance to ensure the branch lines needed for on-farm procurement in rural regions remain open.

Internationally, the creation and development of sectors help to drive regional dynamism. The Group provides its agronomic expertise in all the countries where it operates in Europe and, more recently, in India and Ethiopia, where it is rolling out testing programmes and helping to grow the activity of local farmers. In Central and Eastern European countries, it is introducing new crops and leading exchange and training programmes.





Continuing local investments

The Group remains committed to continuing its development work in the regions and is making numerous investments both in France and abroad.

Internationally, Soufflet Agro has begun the construction of additional storage capacity in Horodok, Ukraine, as well as a seed station in Romania.

Since its origins, the Group has remained committed to its native area, Nogent-sur-Seine, where it is continuing to expand its head office to accommodate the new functions and teams necessary to ensure its growth.