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The “We do Fair” programme expresses the Soufflet Group’s commitments in the field of Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility. Based on five themes, its goal is to support agro-environmental transition through increasingly environmentally friendly practices and to speed up the development of sustainable sectors.

We do Fair” represents fresh dynamism for the Soufflet Group’s CSR strategy, as part of a continuous improvement based approach involving all stakeholders. We Do Fair, which is one of the UN sustainable development objectives, is based on five themes:


Each of these themes includes commitments to detailed actions and objectives to be achieved by 2025, in keeping with the Group’s raison d’être: enhancing the potential of the land in order to sustainably play a part in feeding men and women around the world.


Ambitious CSR commitments

With We Do Fair, the Soufflet group is boosting its contribution to SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) no. 13, 12, 7, 6, 2, 3, 8 and 5 of the United Nations Global Compact and is committing to a dynamic process of continuous improvement by taking action:


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