Our innovations and developments

Innovation lies at the heart of Soufflet’s strategy

Soufflet has always supported developments in agriculture and put forward innovations. The agricultural and agri-food sectors are more than ever on the move, with the digital revolution making its mark on both. Traceability, sustainability and digitalisation are shaping their future.

For these reasons, innovation lies at the heart of Soufflet’s strategy.

Its Innovation unit aims to identify, select and promote innovative ideas that create value for its range of activities. Employees, suppliers, customers, partners and startups are all partners contributing to our transformations.

Soufflet is a partner of the “Demeter Agrinnovation" investment fund dedicated to the agri-food industry and agriculture with the aim of supporting the development of startups.

These efforts supplement the Group’s own initiatives in experimenting and deploying the solutions and technologies of the future. In other words, we remain loyal to “the ability to anticipate and innovate”, key working values and principles set out in our Corporate Charter.

Farmi - Application for farmers connected by Soufflet


Designed to support farmers in their day-to-day work, Farmi innovates:
- FARMI combines agronomic management and economic management of farming and offers an ergonomic design adapted to use on the move,
- FARMI offers new features, including the use of mapping and notifications.

The Farmi philosophy: spirit of freedom
- The spirit of service to support farmers in real time, such as “Agro météo”, which provides information to users about the match between weather conditions and field work.
- Spirit of openness: FARMI is available free of charge to all farmers, whether Soufflet Group customers or not.
- Spirit of progress: Farmi is associated with a data platform providing it with a high level of responsiveness and creating new possibilities for integrating the data of Soufflet Agriculture partners and the development of ever more innovative and exclusive features.

Farmi: continuous development.
Working alongside farmers on a day-to-day basis, Soufflet Agriculture’s teams design new solutions with them with the aim of delivering on its promise: FARMI makes farming easier for you!

For more information, free download Farmi from Android or Apple stores, or visit


Agronomics, Advice and Innovation


“ACI” was created to drive innovation to best serve our agricultural customers: based on testing and experimentation, the ACI team offers the latest technologies and decision support tools (DST) designed for farmers.

Consistent with new regulations in the agricultural sector and consumer expectations, ACI operates in accordance with Soufflet Agriculture’s long-standing mission: to drive progress and transformation in agriculture by developing its technical expertise and service offerings.


MMS - The innovative sector approac

Soufflet Agriculture and Moulins Soufflet have developed a blend of ready-to-sow Wheat varieties: the “Mélange Moulins Soufflet”. Designed to reflect the final formulation sought for flour, this innovation enables millers to optimise their processes thanks to the regularity of their wheat base, which they can then add to in order to meet different specifications.

For farmers, the blend of these 5 varieties of certified seeds requires no specific implementation or practices. It helps to ensure a consistent yield, while the range of varieties helps to limit the pressure of disease.