Neuhauser's Tout Choco range sets out to conquer Europe

14 April | 2022

A real innovation, the Tout Choco range of Viennese pastries has made a promising start in Europe.


Neuhauser's Tout Choco range consists of 3 pastries (croissant, chocolate bread, twist) made with flour from the Sowing Good Sens responsible production chain, a pure cocoa butter puff pastry, surrounding a hazelnut cocoa fondant heart without palm oil and a chocolate topping. This pre-prepared (ready-to-bake) range is sold frozen to retailers and caterers, with the products being baked 20 minutes before being put on the shelves. "These products, which are both gourmet and delicious, are a real innovation that sets them apart on the market, and meet consumer expectations, not only in France but also in Europe," emphasizes Claudine Villaume, Category Manager Europe at Neuhauser. "The range has been very well received by our customers and prospects in the export market, particularly in Germany and Italy," she adds.


All Choco in Germany and Italy 

Neuhauser has signed a partnership with one of the most renowned distributors in Germany in the catering sector. "We have just delivered 2 trucks with the 3 products and he is already promoting them to his customers", notes Claudine Villaume. In Italy, from April onwards, the twist will be distributed by a new partner customer, very present in the catering sector. During the last SIGEP, in mid-March, the Italian bakery, ice cream and coffee trade fair, Neuhauser presented its Tout Choco range on its stand, as well as its Tartes Croustillantes and Pasteis de Nata. "Over 5 days, we had more than 150 contacts and some of them could become customers", Claudine Villaume is delighted. Italy is an important potential market for Neuhauser, which has a warehouse there, allowing greater reactivity. 


Trio choco par Neuhauser