Moulins Soufflet develops its tracked sectors and launches Baguépi Farine Responsable

02 February | 2018

400 farmers committed with Soufflet for a flour which combines quality, traceability and environmental protection.


For many years now, Soufflet has put the sectors at the core of its strategy. 

With a concern to meet the expectations of society and to add value to products, for more than 20 years the Group has been developing traced wheat sectors to guarantee the quality and to promote more environmentally friendly practices.
With the permanent development of the sectors in mind, the Group is now launching a new range of craft bakery flour varieties, Baguépi Farine Responsable.

With 400 partner farmers, Soufflet enables craft bakers to join a sector guaranteeing the French origin of the wheat, to follow good farm practices, without post-harvest treatments and with traceability from the field to the bakery.

Traceability and following good practices all through the sector 

Together with Soufflet, 400 farmers undertook to ensure the quality and traceability from the field to the bakery. 100% of the wheat is of French origin and stems from high-quality baking varieties.
With the sector Baguépi Responsable, the farmers undertake to comply with demanding specifications monitored by an independent body. The aim is to guarantee good farm practices when producing wheat.
For flour manufacture, the Moulins Soufflet milling know-how ensures complete mastery of wheat blending.

Hence, the Group is continuing the development of more sustainable agriculture.

The wheat is not subjected to any treatment after harvesting, during conservation. With more than one French person out of two looking for  information on traceability(1), this transparency and quality control approach from the field to the bakery fully meets consumers’ expectations.

Healthy and good-quality products

The Baguépi Responsable sector produces five different types of high-quality flour: Authentic, Craft tradition, Prestige tradition, the Amber selection and the Selection from the past. These flour varieties unique blends of pure wheat varieties selected for their bread-making and organoleptic qualities. Easier to work, they enable bread with greater aromatic qualities to be made. Although 77% of French people pay attention to the origin of the product they consume (2), the Baguépi Responsable chain guarantees health, good-quality products of French origin. This range of flour varieties offers craft bakers the opportunity of distinguishing themselves by the quality.

To promote the unique know-how of the craftsmen and the sector, Soufflet provides bakers with communication media.


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