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Pulse-based premixes

AIT Ingredients is innovating with its new Eat Healthy Pulses range of premixes, developed in conjunction with Soufflet Alimentaire and the Pôle Bakery Soufflet, to meet the growing demand for products that are high in protein.

15 January | 2019

Our press releases

13 March | 2019
Construction of a malt house in Addis Ababa: SOUFFLET continues its development in Ethiopia
17 January | 2019
DOSSCHE MILLS enters exclusive negotiations with Moulins Soufflet to acquire CERES in Belgium

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Our Publications

Annual report

Find highlights of the year 2017-2018, strategy and prospects, our activities, our sectors ...

CSR Report

Our collaborators, Our environment, Our sectors, Our products, Our ethics, Our territories ...

Keys figures

Find the summary
of key figures for the
2017-2018 fiscal year
of the Soufflet Group.

Ingrain Culture #16

Wheat-flour-bread supply chain becomes stronger internationally

Champ de Vision n°28
Août 2019

BIO, structuration des services agronomiques et de collecte

Filières durables

La maîtrise des filières durables de l'agriculteur au consommateur...

The Soufflet Group Corporate charter
Our corporate charter

To share : ambitions, principles, values

Ingrain culture #15

Our organic supply chains are ramping up

Champ de Vision_27_Vignette
Champ de Vision N°27
Février 2019

Farmi s'ouvre à la vente des céréales

Our videos

2019 Greeting day - Chef de Baie
Brand film Group Soufflet
Neuhauser - Chaque Geste compte pour faire du Bon
Baguépi Farine Responsable - Harvesting good bread
Témoignage Brasserie 3 Monts

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