Malteries Soufflet Saint-Pétersbourg celebrates its 20-year anniversary

15 May | 2019

To mark 20 years of expertise and innovation, Malteries Soufflet Saint-Pétersbourg is commissioning a new roaster.

20 ans MSSP

20 years since the Group first established a presence in the “beer”

Saint Petersburg, the “beer capital of Russia” according to the internal newsletter of the Malteries Division in November 2000, which presented the Malteries SOUFFLET Saint-Pétersbourg (MSSP). Founded in 1997 at the initiative of Michel and Jean-Michel Soufflet, directors of the Group of the same name, it began production in 2000. MSSP was the result of the merging of Baltika, the largest Russian brewer, and SOUFFLET.


The MSSP today: meeting the needs of every customer and overcoming traceability challenges


Russia’s leading modern malthouse, MSSP benefits from a production capacity of 110,000 tonnes and is fully automated. It has its own silo for the storage of the raw material and the malt, storage capacity for 22,000 tonnes of barley and 20,000 tonnes of malt. With a workforce of 44 people, organising the work in the malthouse enables the receipt of the raw material, the production of the malt and shipping 24 hours a day. In particular, this reduces delivery time while serving as a gauge of efficiency during the “high” season.

Among the MSSP customers are international brewers, who account for 60% of the Russian beer market, as well as Russian breweries. The most striking feature of the malthouse’s work is the attention given to all of these customers: this ranges from the special care given to fulfilling their desires and needs, to the continuous research being conducted with a view to satisfying their requirements. This is why a quality control system was initiated: Malteries SOUFFLET Saint-Pétersbourg is ISO 9001 – 2000-certified, and an HACCP system has also been put into place. Finally, the malthouse holds a vast database, with a wealth of information regarding the raw material received, the production steps, the quality of the malt, the storage conditions and the shipping of the finished product, with a view to ensuring the complete traceability of the barley and the malt.


A new roasting unit for the production of special malts


Malteries SOUFFLET Saint-Pétersbourg never ceases to innovate, with the launch of a new special malts production workshop based on the existing production of the standard Pilsen malt in Saint Petersburg. A Buhler roaster, installed in the factory, enables the combination of energy-saving technologies and enhanced performance, with a view to optimising the production of special malts without combustion product residue. The key to this is achieving a consistent finished product quality, and the production of a range of caramel and coloured malts for MSSP’s customers.

The production of special malts requires a great deal of experience and knowledge. The operators of the equipment are themselves required to acquire these skills by tapping into the Group’s expertise, and must then develop them working alongside Buhler specialists, who participate in the installation of the technical equipment and the training of staff. The SOUFFLET Group, drawing on its experience of the production of special malts, is also monitoring the training of its teams, while remaining attentive to its customer’s new requirements.

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