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The word of HRD


"The Soufflet Group has grown continuously since its beginnings. It has also always seen its men and women as being its primary resource."

Mathieu de Tanouarn
Group Human Resources Director

Its work is based on values connected to its family background, its history and its rural roots: simplicity, humility, care, exemplariness and authenticity. 

Our human resource management policy focuses on employee development and is driven by an ongoing commitment to improving skills through training and to providing opportunities for mobility.


Our international dimension and the great diversity of professions offer many possibilities for career paths. Everyone can thus build a trajectory in line with their expectations and consistent with the Group's strategy.

Our mission is clear: to develop your potential so that the development of your career is in harmony with ours.

Recruitment on permanent contracts in 2018
Interns in 2018

Training in our Group

Our group training policy reflects our core belief: men and women are the company’s primary resource. 

That is why, every year, particular attention is given by the General Management of each of the entities making up the Group to building a training plan, under the supervision of the Group Human Resources Department (HRD).  

The Group HRD ensures the training policy is one of the key tools of the strategy developed to achieve the objectives defined by the Group. 

This approach helps to meet the objectives set by the Group:

- to develop the skills of its employees,

- to promote their professional mobility,

- to anticipate changes in trades and professions in order to improve their employability.  

Internal Mobility

Mobility is part of our policy of human resources management through internal promotion, the proposal of enriching courses that allows the multiplicity of business and its many operations in France and internationally.

The major structuring projects of the group are also opportunities to discover new worlds, improve your skills and develop your potentials.

Partner Schools

UniLaSalle UniLaSalle, created from the merger of LaSalle Beauvais and Esitpa, is a center for higher education in earth, life and environmental sciences that is recognized for its excellence in France and around the world.

ISA ISA Lille is a French Graduate School of Agriculture and Bioengineering offering undergraduate courses, research services, and master’s degrees.