Jean-Michel Soufflet talks to you about Semons du Sens

11 June | 2020

A new step towards excellence and sustainability in the Soufflet supply chains.

Semons du sens


"Soufflet continues to play its part in the evolution of French agriculture and the development of the agri-food sector, as it always has done." Jean-Michel Soufflet, Chairman of the Group’s board of directors 



The world is changing and encouraging us to take up new challenges. 

With the launch of the Sowing Good Sense approach, the Soufflet Group is taking a new step in the progression of supply chains towards excellence by committing itself to five pillars: origin, environment, naturalness, distribution of value and quality. 

Sowing Good Sense concerns all the Soufflet Group's supply chains: wheat, barley, rice, pulses and vines. 

Sowing Good Sense aims to add value to the production of our farming partners over the long term and to meet the expectations of our artisan or industrial customers and consumers in terms of sustainability. 

As a pioneer in traceable supply chains for wheat, for several years, Soufflet has been involved in the development of sustainable cereal and agri-food supply chains. 

With Sowing Good Sense, Soufflet is taking a new step by setting up agri-food supply chains which guarantee the origin of products, most often 100% French, their traceability, their authenticity, their taste quality, and their naturalness to offer good, healthy and meaningful products. 

This approach is carried out through every actor in the supply chain, alongside our customers and consumers. It seeks expert assessments from professionals both upstream and downstream: advice on agronomics, grain collection and conservation, industrial production (primary and secondary processing). 

Sowing Good Sense is a progressive approach which contributes to the transition from the French agricultural model and supports farmers in improving the sustainability of their production, with the commitment to guarantee long-term outlets in the agri-food chain. 


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