"I like the clean Seine"

09 March | 2018

The Soufflet Group is committed to the Seine by taking part in the operation "I love the clean Seine", a major operation to clean up the Seine Valley on Saturday, 24 March 2018.


The Wildlife Habitats Foundation and the Departmental Federation of Hunters in the Aube organised the event on 24 March 2018, over the whole Aube department.

A stakeholder in the Seine Valley, the Soufflet Group is one of the main partners in the operation.

This civic-minded operation, the first one in the Aube, consists in collecting then sorting as much waste as possible on the banks of the Seine.

See below the list of 10 assembly points in the Aube:
- Barberey Saint-Sulpice
- Chauchigny
- Courceroy
- Mery-sur-Seine
- Nogent-sur-Seine
- Payns
- Pont-sur-Seine
- Perigny-la-Rose
- Romilly-sur-Seine
- Saint-Benoît-sur-Seine

The Soufflet Group committed to the operation:
In Nogent-sur-Seine, the Soufflet Agriculture maintenance building will be the location for waste collection and for receiving the volunteers.
A kit (with gloves, bin bags, etc.) will be given to the participants on their arrival at the assembly points.  

Join the Group for a civic-minded action in a friendly atmosphere!

To register the event: 



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