FERME France becomes LA NOTE GLOBALE (the global rating)

14 February | 2020

Providing consumers with clear and complete information on the foods they consume is the objective of La Note Globale (The Global Rating), of which the Soufflet Group is a founding member.

La note globale

A clear and comprehensive quality indicator

Launched in 2017 under the name of "Ferme France", the project now includes around fifty farmer, industrial, distributor, restaurateur, consumer association and upstream agricultural operator partners.

It was decided to change the name to convey a better understanding of the association's mission:

To provide consumers with a clear and complete quality indicator for the food they eat and thus to participate in strengthening sustainable supply chains.

This new name suggests the systemic nature of the rating, which evaluates all processes carried out on a product and makes it possible to understand that this rating integrates all the existing methods, ratings and labels.

"La Note Globale" is the response to these objectives.

Products evaluated and rated against six issues

La Note Globale helps consumers make informed and responsible choices. In the blink of an eye, employing a score out of 100 affixed to the product packaging as well as on digital platforms (website, app), consumers can compare products and buy more responsibly.

This rating system takes into account six areas: the environment, animal welfare, nutrition and human health, origin, fairness and contribution to the French economy, corporate social responsibility, and traceability and transparency.

It is based on real updated data from all the players who make the product, as well as through existing labels and quality signs, public and private.

The tool also helps producers and economic players identify actions they need to implement to improve the performance of their products. The players can make comparisons for themselves and simulate the changes that they could implement, individually or with others.  

The economic players self-assess and are assessed by independent third parties.

This evaluation is supplemented by the validation of a Citizen Jury, composed of consumer volunteers.

Soufflet industry expertise: creating value for each actor

Soufflet has always supported transformations in the agricultural and agrifood sector through management of the cereal industries. Founding member of Ferme France, the Group reaffirms its capability in the construction of quality and sustainable cereal industries.

The Soufflet Agriculture, Moulins Soufflet, Pôle Bakery and Neuhauser businesses are more particularly involved in this approach. Other Group businesses are preparing their participation.

From 2020, various products in the wheat industry will display the societal label of La Note Globale:

- Tradition Artisan, Tradition Label Rouge and Tradition Biologique flours from the Baguépi Farine Responsable brand, marketed by Moulins Soufflet,

- The Origine de Neuhauser baguette.

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