The Farmi app helps farmers take action at the right moment

16 April | 2020

With a community of nearly 9,000 regular users, the Soufflet Agriculture application has been enhanced with two features to support farmers in monitoring crop diseases and pests.


Crop Observer: Soufflet Group expertise

The exclusive Farmi Crop Observer tool offers all farmers access to the observations of more than 150 contributors, agronomists and advisers who make up the agronomic expertise of Soufflet Agriculture.

This new Crop Observer feature enriches Farmi with the experience of this expert network, reinforced by partnerships with reference observatories (GOWAN, De Sangosse, etc.). Thanks to this community, the user of the Farmi Crop Observer functionality benefits from a network of qualified observers and observations made according to common rating protocols. Some one hundred technical data sheets with photo illustrations on diseases and pests now make it possible to compare observations made in the fields (field observation tour, etc.). The Soufflet Culture Relation Agents and farmers using Farmi will be able to enter their comments in the version to be launched at the end of April.

The Syngenta Avizio DAT: assistance in agronomic management

The Avizio DAT (Decision Aid Tool) Disease Forecasting model has been tested and approved by Soufflet Agriculture (ACI) after several tests of the model. In Farmi, it is a DAT for agricultural management assistance in forecasting outbreaks of disease on wheat, set up in partnership with Syngenta for the forecasting of disease. This partnership, in the form of a mobile app suited to the mobility of the farmer, adds real value for two reasons:

- The Avizio tool has been adapted for easier and more efficient mobile use with the addition of features;

- Farmi becomes a dashboard of the farmer's plots to accompany them on their field observation tour.

This DAT contains disease datasheets from Crop Observer as well as the Sprayer DAT from Farmi Agri-weather.

This unique agronomic piloting assistance offer is enriched with a link to observations from Crop Observer close to the plots of the farmers.

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