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Enjoy: a collaborative project

Improving the quality of Soufflet fruit juices with CRIS enzymes

To produce fruit juices (red berries, apple, grape, etc.) in a more cost-effective and eco-friendly way while improving their quality: that is the challenge underlying the Enjoy research programme initiated by the CRIS.
This programme aims to develop new enzyme complexes to improve juice clarification after pressing, filtration, or even to obtain a more vibrant colour in the fruit juice.


Promote more sustainable production methods

These enzymes will able to degrade fractions that are currently resistant to complex pectins of the fruit wall. The objective is to reduce waste by about 5% and to boost productivity by 10%.
These complexes will help to reduce the amount of energy needed to produce the fruit juices as well as how often the production lines will need cleaning.
With Enjoy, the SouffletGroup confirms its commit to more responsible and sustainable production methods. The enzyme complexes are expected to be launched by Soufflet Biotechnologies, in France and internationally, starting in 2021.
This programme is then meant to be expanded to the viticulture sector and the food oils sector.


An ambitious collaborative project

Research is planned to take place over four years with the support of complementary partners. For scientific activities, Soufflet has teamed up with CTCPA (the French technical centre for the conservation of agricultural products) and with the University of Picardie Jules Verne. The project has been labelled by the competitiveness clusters, Terralia for fruits and vegetables, and IAR for bioeconomy.
Following a call for “Projets agricoles et agroalimentaires d’avenir” (P3A) projects, Enjoy benefited from public funding from FranceAgriMer. Soufflet has a team of three researchers working around the clock on the project, and the Colombelles (14) plant will ensure the long-term production of the new enzymes. From an industrial perspective, the Group has joined forces with a company in the sector, Bissardon Fruit Juices, located in Saint-Paul-en-Jarez, Loire. This SME will validate, under real conditions, the application of the enzymes developed in its fruit transformation process and will ensure the fruit juices’ market launch as of 2021.


Recognition for the Soufflet Group’s biotechnology expertise

For several years, Soufflet has been developing food enzymes thanks to its unique know-how in solid-state fermentation (SSF). Solid-state fermentation technology promotes the development of micro-organisms in the environment consisting of by-products from grains (such as bran), in conditions close to nature.
The Group has also built up its own collection of approximately 3,000 stem cells and developed specific high-throughput screen tools. This array of technologies, from stem cell screening to enzyme production, is used to produce non-GMO enzyme complexes for various food uses.

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