Consistency of yields and flours with the Mélange Moulins Soufflet

06 November | 2018

The Mélange Moulins Soufflet (MMS), a ready-to-sow blend of 5 varieties of wheat, is favoured by the farmers. The result of the work of Moulins Soufflet and Soufflet Agriculture, this innovative process is a first in France in the wheat sector. The aim is to guarantee the consistency of the high-quality bakery flours by proposing compounds of varieties optimised from sowing.


The MMS has a substantial number of advantages, both for millers and for farmers. Soufflet will collect about 80,000 tonnes of MMS for 2018, with the aim of reaching 100,000 tonnes with the 2019 harvest.

An innovation stemming from substantial sectoral work

The Group’s sector expertise enables Moulins Soufflet and Soufflet Agriculture to jointly build an innovative approach to the many benefits over the whole value chain. The choice of blend is the result of agronomic assessment by Soufflet Agriculture and technological assessment by Moulins Soufflet. This approach requires substantial work at an earlier stage characterising each new variety. The aim is to offer a blend fully meeting the agronomic requirements of cultivation areas close to the Corbeil, Rouen and Dienville mills.


Optimised processes for high-quality flour varieties

The Moulins Soufflet and Soufflet Agriculture approach responds to a real need by the millers to improve their manufacturing processes. It provides the consistency and the quality of the flour.

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