"The concerted efforts of our teams allow us to guarantee the activity of the entire cereal sector"

08 April | 2020
Champs - BVP

Since the start of this unprecedented health crisis, the Soufflet Group has implemented systems to protect the health of its employees, as well as that of its customers and partners, to ensure the continuation of its activities and thus contribute to providing food to the population.

Today, despite the difficulties, the concerted efforts of our teams allow the company to pursue its missions, and continue to serve its customers from beginning to end of the chain for our cereal, wheat, barley, rice and dried vegetables: in silos, production sites, support services, in France and abroad, the commitment of the employees is exemplary and deserves to be commended.

The participation of everyone in the entire food chain shows the ability of the Soufflet Group and our agrifood industries to adapt and participate in the national effort under exceptional circumstances. Thank you to everyone for your assistance!


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