Négoce-chef de baie

Chef de Baie: a tool for export and for quality

Inaugurated on 23 March 2018, the new Chef de Baie silo at the La Pallice Port is a strategic tool to enhance export and quality for SOUFFLET Négoce.

With a capacity of 63,000 tons, it tops off the site’s storage volume at 188,000 tons, with the objective of exporting 2 million tons of grain each year.

Built dockside with three points of reception boasting a total capacity of 9,000 tons per day and a gantry with a capacity of 1,200 tons per hour, operating 24 hours a day, it is able to load up to 24,000 tons a day onto ships with an 80,000-ton carrying capacity.

The installation features 32 grain management units, optimising the assembly and homogeneity of the batches to better meet client expectations.

The installation of a grain cleaning and dust vacuum system helps preserve air quality and maintain site safety.

Thanks to the silo’s railway connection, the volumes transported by rail have doubled and land transport by trucks cut by two thirds (or the equivalent of 30,000 trucks each year).These benefits will reduce the site’s carbon footprint, perfectly in line with the Group’s CSR approach.




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Chef de Baie: a tool for export and for quality
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