Accompanied by Soufflet, Pasquier makes a film on agroecology

04 February | 2022

Soufflet is a privileged partner of Brioche Pasquier for its flour supplies, but not only....


The two entities also have in common their commitment to the sustainable development of the sector, in particular via their “nature and time” approach (Pasquier) and “Semons du Sens” (Soufflet). “This partnership was forged in 2018, when the two groups joined the association “Pour une Agriculture du Vivant (PADV)” and quickly materialized with the creation of the first wheat sector in conservation agriculture. sustainable soils for the 2020 harvest, bringing together Soufflet Agriculture, Moulins Soufflet and Pasquier, with the promotion of agroecological practices”, underlines Fabrice Bourjot, Wheat Sector Manager at Moulins Soufflet. 

A film promoting agroecology to the general public

“In recent months, our respective Marketing departments have worked together to promote these initiatives and promote the benefits of agroecology to consumers. We supported Pasquier in the production of a 3-minute film, highlighting the testimony of two partner farmers of Soufflet Agriculture, Fabrice Lugnier, in Rimaucourt (52) and Laurent Hubert, in Maison-Rouge (77)", explains In this film, the two farmers detail their convictions and their agroecological practices, which are more respectful of the rhythm of nature and of harmony with the living. These practices are based on the 3 principles of soil conservation agriculture: limiting tillage, nourishing and protecting the soil (through plant cover) and developing biodiversity. This film has been broadcast since the end of January by Brioche Pasquier on its social networks (shared on the LinkedIn account of Semons du Sens). Targeted extracts from the film will soon be used for a campaign to promote agroecology on the same social networks. 

See the film on the Pasquier website 


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