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Cottage Brewers

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  • Malterie Soufflet - Nicolas Rosa
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Vine | Green Spaces

Man, the first wealth
of the group

Our technical expertise wine
1/ Wine cellar and storehouse technical service:

Our experts advise our clients and offer them technical solutions adapted to their production needs. Our customer service department intervenes and repairs wine cellar equipment.
Goal: Provide technical expertise and skills when and where needed.

2/ Wine-making expertise thanks to:

- Soufflet Vigne’s wine-making experts
- Michel Moutonnet’s* expertise who, among others, selects the products from our Vinextase product range
- Reference wine-making products: CHR Hansen bacteria, Fermentis (Lesaffre) yeasts, Lyven (Soufflet Group) enzymes
- Partnerships with wine-making laboratories

* Michel Moutonnet is a wine-making expert, who among others has defended 2 theses in the field of food science
-In 2005 on the polyphenolic composition of Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon and Tannat grapes and wines from Lyre and Espalier vines in the south of Uruguay
-in 2000 on the post-fermentation reactivity of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in relation with oxygen in the wine-making environment: applied to the maturing of wines on lees.

3/ Packaging

We are creative when it comes to answering the customised requirements of our clients: synthetic corks, wine-skins, cartons, boxes, capsules, wire brackets, bottles… Thanks to our flexography spot-painting unit our production tools are well adapted to the wine-growing estates and cooperative wineries market.
Goal: Adapt our clients’ image to their market segment.

4/ Creation and 3D:

With the help of designers from our specialised design department we implement graphic creations in accordance with each client’s marketing strategy. We support clients throughout the process to offer solutions in terms of communication and image promotion.
Goal: Offer creative and customised solutions for client’s brand image


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Over 20 years of presence in most of France's winegrowing regions
Sharp technical expertise (in the protection and maintenance of vineyards and green spaces)
High added value technological products 

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