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The Group

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Our History
The trade site launched:

Craft brewers can now buy their malt on line 24/7 on the trade sales site

Creation of Soufflet Biotechnologies: new synergies for enzymes for animal and human foods

The Soufflet Group announces the birth of a new Division, Soufflet Biotechnologies, which brings together the enzyme manufacturer Lyven (bought in 2003) and the Group’s research centre known by the name Osiris (founded in 2006). The decision demonstrates the Group’s intention to eventually become the leader in enzymes for wine-making and fruit juices.

AIT Ingredients strengthens its presence in Latin America

The Brazilian company Qualimix, specialists in selling milling correctors, has joined AIT Ingredients, a Soufflet Group subsidiary, and becomes AIT Ingredients Brasil.

Sobra joins Soufflet Agriculture and strengthens local roots western France

Soufflet Atlantique agreed to take over Sobra on 15 October 2015.

Launch of the Cercle Baguépi

Helping craft baking customers to achieve excellence, with a change in sales organisation ans customised offering of services

The Soufflet Group becomes majority shareholder in the Neuhauser Group

Jean-Michel Soufflet and Alfred Neuhauser sign the agreement under which the Soufflet Group takes a 70% stake in the holding company Neuhauser Financière. Soufflet is thus increasing its holding to 78.73%. The acquisition is accompanied by a change in governance with the creation of a Board of Directors, chaired by Jean-Michel Soufflet. Soufflet is thus strengthening its presence in the wheat sector and dipping a toe into Fast Food with two well-known chains, Pomme de Pain and Le Crobag.

Launch of

An Internet site for Soufflet Agriculture’s clients, allowing them to monitor the management of their farms online. Practical, quick, and personalised this tool supports farmers in the commercialisation of their cereals and the technical monitoring of their crops.

Malteries Soufflet Sets Foot in South America

Malteries Soufflet takes control of Malteria do Vale, next to Sao Paulo in Brazil

Takeover of 2 Malt Houses in Bulgaria

Malteries Soufflet takes over the activities of Kamenitza AD, a subsidiary of the StarBev Group in Bulgaria

Inauguration of 2 New Ultra-modern Malt Houses: Buzau in Roumania and Nogent-sur-Seine in France

The Nogent-sur-Seine malt house has a 165,000 tonnes per year malt production capacity and the ability to process single barley batches of 550 tonnes.

Creation of the Vinextase brand

Soufflet Vigne launches the Vinextase brand specialised in wine-making products, corks and filtration tools for wine-growers.

Purchase of Lyven and Creation of the Ingredients Division

The Groupe Purchases Lyven, a factory specialised in the production of enzymes from fungal microorganisms by solid state fermentation and takes this opportunity to create the Ingredients Division.

Jean-Michel Soufflet on the Management Board

After his beginnings in the Milling branch, Jean-Michel Soufflet joins the Group’s management board

Bakery Unit created

The Bakery Unit combines the strategic marketing and R&D expertise of the Group’s wheat businesses – milling, ingredients and bakery. The new entity was created to further improve the Group’s potential in the wheat sector.

Malteries Soufflet acquires the Alwar malt plant in India

The Group is thus continuing to develop its business in the barley supply chain in India. 

Malteries Soufflet gets established in the UK

With the acquisition of the Molson Coors malting business at Burton upon Trent in the United Kingdom, Malteries Soufflet is positioning itself on the UK malt market, the second largest in Europe.

Rue des Boulangers launched

A web site specially to bring together boyers and sellers of bakery businesses in France.

Soufflet Agriculture continues to expand in France’s Vienne

Ets Raynot, a family trading business, which employs thirty five people across seven sites, is joining Soufflet Agriculture. The acquisition is part of the plan to expand Soufflet Agriculture in Vienne to offer a private alternative for farmers in the region.

Inauguration of CRIS

The Group inaugurates its world-class research equipment in Nogent-sur-Seine

Beginning of the e-Commerce Adventure

The Soufflet Group takes its first steps in e-commerce with for artisan-bakers and for green spaces experts

AIT Ingredients Establishes itself in en Argentina

AIT Ingredients takes over GUARNER, a company specialised in the sale of ingredients for the agro-food industries and Argentine millers.

Creation of the Grand Chef Brand

AIT Ingredients, the bread-making ingredients expert, launches a full product range of flavour concentrates made of selected, high-quality, natural ingredients.

Launch of OSIRIS an Innovation Program for Biotechnologies

Launch of an ambitious and innovative research program based on two breakthrough innovations: the creation of high-throughput microorganism screening tools and advanced biotechnological processes on solid substrates.

New Establishments in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) (Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine)

The Group establishes itself in new countries from the CIS in order to support its clients in their international development.

Purchase of Tchecomalt, the Leading Malster in the Czech Republic

Strengthening of the Transformation Industry

Grands Moulins de France

The merger of Pantin Export and GEFAR gives birth to "Grands Moulins de France", which has become the world’s leading flour exporter. First a majority shareholder, Soufflet will become the sole owner in 1999.

"Bon appétit, Bon Baguépi"

Soufflet boosts the Baguépi brand, a new concept for artisan bakers.

Vivien Paille

First TV adds for the Vivien Paille brand.


Acquisition of CERES, the leading Belgian miller

Takeover of a Rice & Dried Vegetables Factory

Soufflet seizes the opportunity to takeover Riff, a Valenciennes based family business.

Acquisition of the Polisy Malt House

This malt house is one of Europe’s first vertical installations, reducing manipulations in order to be more energy efficient.

Construction of the Saint Petersburg Malt House

The Saint Petersburg malt house in Russia is the first malt house built by the Group outsides its boarders.

Grands Moulins de Pantin

With the acquisition of Grands Moulins de Corbeil (which owned Malteries Franco Belges), Soufflet becomes the leading miller in Europe.

Development of Trading on the Atlantic Coast

Creation of SMA (Société des Malteries d'Alsace)

Creation of  SMA (Sociétés des Malteries d'Alsace) in September 1988, in which Malteries Soufflet holds a 50% stake.

First Venture in Industrial Bread-Making

Following difficulties encountered by two of its clients, Soufflet makes its first steps in industrial bread-making by distributing cakes, fresh bread and sandwiches.The merging of Panilor and Grigny leads to the creation of BVF (Boulangerie Viennoiserie Française).

Beginning of the Export and Transformation Business

First steps in the milling business

Already France’s leading private cereal collector, the Group enters the milling business with the purchase of its first mill in Dienville in the Aube department. 

Technical Counseling and multiplication of silos

Soufflet invests in multiple silos. During this period, the firm acts as pioneer by providing advanced technical advice to farmers, supporting them in the development of their activity.

First foreign subsidiary

In November 1974, Soufflet’s first UK office is established in Leigh-on-Sea

New Malt House

Construction of a new malt house in Nogent-sur-Seine with a 30,000 tonnes annual malt production capacity (ten times more than the previous one)

Rouen Port Silo Construction and Beginning of Trading with Third Countries

The Rouen silo allows Soufflet to load its first coasting-vessels for England and to set foot in this business traditionally reserved to multinational groups.

Strengthening of the Transformation Industry

Relocation at Quai Sarrail

Taking advantage of an opportunity to purchase a convector business’ premises, Soufflet re-locates to 4, Sarrail quay (current Group headquarters)

Significant Tonnages

Ets J. Soufflet collect a total of 30,000 tonnes and 7,000 tonnes of Malt

The Roll'on Service

Michel Soufflet launches a new service: the removal and transportation of grains from the fields to the silo  


Development of agro-supply sales to farmers. Michel Soufflet has the idea to purchase old rail tankers to facilitate the storage of liquid nitrogen at farms.

Growth of the Agriculture Business


Ets. J. Soufflet purchase the Grande Malterie de Nogent

Development of Cereal Collection

The company increases the cereal collection activity and signs a deal with the SNCF to set up a depository for grain and goods to be transported by railroad.

Construction of the 1st silo

Jean Soufflet erects a first square-shaped silo on the Seine banks, on the Sarrail quay (which as of today is still the Group’s headquarter).

Local Trading Business

Pierre and Lucie Juchat purchase the Nogent-sur-Seine based Boucherot grain trading company for a payment of 1,800 Francs

Michel Soufflet at the Head of the Company

After his father’s death, Michel takes charge of the company aged 26

First exports

Ets J. Soufflet begins to export cereals to Germany and the Benelux countries

Establishment of Ets. J. Soufflet

The family business becomes an SARL (Limited Liability Company) named Etablissements J.Soufflet.

Jean Soufflet’s Impulse

Jean and Yonne Soufflet (born Juchat) take over the grain trading company

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