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Rice & Pulse processing

We give value to
the Earth's potential


Man, the first wealth
of the group

  • 04 mar
    Vivien Paille surfs on the Year of Pulses

    The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses. Celebrating it is intended to increase public awareness of the nutritional benefit...

  • 14 apr
    “Vivien Paille” recipes cross the Atlantic

    Following the interest shown by importer, Detour Food, in the Vivien Paille Instant microwave pouches products at a trade fair, Soufflet Alimentaire has put together a few recipes to suit the t...

Our Brand

Vivien Paille
our brand of rice, cereals mixes and dried vegetables


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Rice Transformation
  • Rice sourcing
  • Milling
  • Ingredients derived from rice
  • Parboiling
  • Packaging (non-domestic catering)
  • Vivien Paille RHF (non-domestic catering)
  • Vivien Paille GMS (large and medium supermarkets)
Our expertise
Leader for the transformation of rice in France
Leading French industrial player for dried vegetables
Expert in the production of rice-based flour and ingredients
Key figures

The Bio offer

The choosen products
by Soufflet Alimentaire :
a healthy, mature
and simple offer.

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The Rice & Pulse Processing benefits

The main benefit of legumes is their high vegetable protein, fibre, mineral and vitamin contentalong with their low lipid content.


Vegetable proteins are often amino-acid deficient, so it is important to combine cereals and legumes in the human diet for all essential amino-acids to be made available during the day.


The absence of a single amino-acid is sufficient for the usage of a protein to be compromised.

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Recipe ideas

Discover delicious recipes
Basmati rice, Orange and Shrimp Rice Salad, Lentil and Celery Salad, Delhi Red Lentil Soup...

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Group life


Discover the Soufflet Group: watch the corporate movie

Business card

Discover the Soufflet Group

Expert in barley and wheat value chain, the Soufflet Group is France’s top private buyer of cereals, with 4.4 million tonnes bought in France and more than a million tonnes abroad...

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Follow the 9 steps of cereals throughout the Soufflet Group production chain.

From wheat to flour, from barley to malt, discover our approach of the main steps of agro-industrial transformation.

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