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Cereal product chain

The Soufflet Group collaborates with a large number of breeders to select the best cereal varieties


Regular meetings are organised with them to review on-going developments and to have an update on recently performed tests.

We test these varieties in experimental micro-plots 

We test these varieties in experimental micro-plots over 2 year periods before adding them to the CTPS catalogue (Permanent Technical Selection Committee). These numerous pilot-tests conducted in plots provide information on the yields, performance, disease resistance, calibration, and protein levels of barley varieties.

“Thanks to a two-fold agronomic and agro-industrial selection, we are able to meet the specifications of our industrial clients to perfection and can anticipate the choices of tomorrow’s varieties with efficiency.”

Varietal Selection

In terms of plant protection and fertilisation we elaborate crop management techniques... 

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in order to develop production chains that correspond to market requirements and are eco-friendly.

Our experts maintain 23 sites in Europe with 5,500 test-plots... 


in which they experiment new farming methods and study the behaviour of varieties (current and future) on different soils and in a variety of growing conditions.

“These tests result in a genuine improvement of farming techniques (reduced inputs, optimised variety selection…) to the benefit of our farmers and industrial clients.”

Field test

Laboratory test

Micro-malting and brewing tests are conducted in partnership with our brewer-clients... 

to learn about the reactions of matter and analyse the germination, filtration, foam, extracts and production yields of beer.

In France, Malteries Soufflet also collaborates with the CBMO (Beer, Malt and Barley Committee), which conducts tests to improve the brewing quality of barley varieties as well as with Euromalt (European Malting Trade Union). 

“Each variety tested in an experimental plot is harvested and then analysed in our laboratories.”

Testing the quality of flour varieties 

Multiple grinding and bread-making tests are also conducted in our test mills and bakeries. Our demonstration bakers test the quality of flour varieties and their behaviour during the kneading and baking process.

Bakery test

“The Soufflet Group is the leading producer of certified malting barley seeds in France and has full control over its supplies.”

The Soufflet Group has control over the entire seed production process :


- Seed multiplication in partnership with seed breeders

- Optimised sorting using state-of-the-art equipment (calibration on gravity tables, optical sorters)

- Pre-treatment of seeds 

Thanks to its production of certified seeds, the Soufflet Group can provide farmers with :

- New varieties selected for their increased yields and resistance to diseases

- Varietal purity, to avoid genetic degeneration issues

- Optimal seed sorting in order to optimise yields

The Soufflet Group owns 9 seed stations... 

1 in France, 4 in the Czech Republic, 1 in Poland, 1 in Russia, 1 in Ukraine and 1 in Romania.

The Nogent-sur-Seine seed station is the most important one in France: it produces 40,000 tonnes of seeds per year, 15,000 of which are barley seeds (autumn variety and spring varieties).

The site is ISO 9001 certified since 2000.

Nogent sur Seine Seed Station

Farmers supplying the Soufflet Group make the commitment to respect the quality, safety and sustainable development guidelines set out in our Soufflet Producer Charter


The production process is punctuated by the following sanitary and quality analyses :

- A pre-harvest analysis tool: “Qualimètre”

- A survey during the harvest to identify the intrinsic qualities of the collected production.

- A monitoring plan to identify contamination risks by mycotoxins, heavy metals or pesticide residues. 

In terms of mycotoxin-risks (DON) the Group takes part in the IRTAC (Institut de recherches en Technologies Agroalimentaires des Céréales) monitoring plan. At the beginning of the campaign, internal controls are carried out on the received lots in order to establish a risk-map of regions and silos.

Our Soufflet production contracts ensure full control over the quality of harvested raw materials. The Quality Contracts also guarantee the usage of certified seeds and the recording of farming interventions.


The Soufflet Group maintains tailor-made sector contracts

The Soufflet Group maintains tailor-made sector contracts to answer the specific qualitative and environmental requirements set out by its industrial clients.

 In France the PREVER contracts, which follow the guidelines of the ARVALIS/IRTAC charter, are designed to guarantee full traceability of our farmers’ crop management. 

LU Harmony & Soufflet Agriculture

Specific sector - said client

Visiting farming lots

Each year from, March to June and in all the countries in which the Soufflet Group is established, farmers are invited to visit farming lots in which new farming techniques are being experimented. These visits are an opportunity to present new varieties, make comparisons (treatments, yields, visual aspect…) and to provide farming advice.

 The Group also provides farmers with a set of decision-support tools to evaluate parasitism risks.

In 2013 Soufflet Agriculture and Soufflet Vigne obtained the certiphyto certification for their plant protection product distribution activity. This allows them to support their clients while promoting an eco-friendly and reasoned application of plant protection products.

An entire range of CIPANs developement

We also develop an entire range of CIPANs (nitrate-fixing cover crops) with which farmers can take advantage of the obligation to sow winter-cover crops: these include nitrogen-capture, weed control, improved soil quality and biodiversity benefits for bees and small wildlife.

“Farmers can take advantage of the advice and support of agronomy experts”

In France and in the countries in which we are established, our technical teams provide cereal farmers with everyday support by dispensing farming-related advice throughout the culture cycle.


In France the «PAVE» program (Development and Environment Readiness Plan), is based on a full environmental, pedological and cartographic study of farms. This diagnosis includes soil analyses, heavy metal detection, an overview of environmental and regulatory constraints, and a full mapping of the farmer’s lands. This study is combined with an annual monitoring of the farmer’s practices : production traceability, management and consulting for fertilisation and solutions to new regulatory requirements.

Analyses are conducted in each silo

Analyses are conducted in each silo and in laboratories to check the varietal purity of the lots supplied by farmers.

Cereals and oilseeds are systematically cleansed and calibrated as they are passed through a succession of sieves.

The seeds are then stored in ventilated cells and kept at a stable temperature.

Throughout the year regular analyses are conducted to guarantee the quality of stored lots.

“The producer’s charter defines precise transportation rules for agricultural production, the type of cleaning required and the list of forbidden products.”

WMS for traceability

Within the specific production sectors, the Soufflet Group attaches particular importance to Baguépi Fleuriane (French Traditional baguette), a fully traced flour variety produced from wheat answering the PREVER specifications.

Our stock management software application, WMS

In order to guarantee perfect product traceability a stock management software application, WMS (Warehouse Management System), is gradually being deployed in the Groupe Soufflet’s various industrial sites. Thanks to in-vehicle IT solutions (direct image setting) the synchronisation of physical and data flows is now performed real-time.

“All agricultural productions meeting particular specifications are stored separately in our silos or directly in farms.”

In order to guarantee optimal product quality the Soufflet Group continually invests in state of the art industrial tools


The amount of certifications obtained by our sites is an acknowledgement of our industrial performance: security, quality and environment (ISO), export (IFS, BRC), community (halal, kosher), animal feed (GMP).

A “best practice code” for food safety

In the field of food safety, the Soufflet Group has set up a “best practice code” with stringent rules to be applied to transportation, collection, storage, as well as to operations specifically related to the malting and milling businesses. The code also contains hygiene and health security rules to be observed across all of the Group’s businesses.

Finally the departure and arrival of all of all our deliveries are the object of systematic controls in order to guarantee ever increased food security.

“All these requirements allow the Soufflet Group to meet themost demanding specificationsof its industrial clients.”

Inland waterways developement

In order to optimise the performances of its logistical organisation, the Soufflet Group is continually innovating, revitalisingrail transportation, developinginland waterwaysand continuously rationalising itsstorage.