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  • Soufflet Agriculture
  • Quai Sarrail, 10400 Nogent-Sur-Seine - FRANCE
  • Tel : +33 3 25 39 57 38
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  • Soufflet Vigne
  • Le Pont Rougne RN6 Limas -  
    69400 Villefranche-sur-Saône - FRANCE
  • Tel: +33 4 74 65 31 04
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Artisan Bakers

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  • Moulins Soufflet
  • 7 quai de l'apport Paris -
    91 100 Corbeil-Essone - FRANCE
  • Tel : +33 1 60 90 41 10
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Cottage Brewers

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  • Malterie Soufflet - Nicolas Rosa
  • Quai Sarrail - BP 12
    10402 Nogent-sur-Seine
    Cedex FRANCE
  • Tel: +33 3 25 39 58 66
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Phone: +33 3 25 39 44 89
Port: +33 6 08 75 89 45
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Agriculture Vigne Négoce international Meunerie Malterie Ingrédients Riz et légumes secs Biotechnologies

Soufflet Agriculture is the biggest family owned direct buyer of cereals in Europe, with 5.5Mt including 1.2Mt outside France.

Operating in five countries in Europe and the CIS, and in 23 French departments, the company stores and markets agricultural production, and is in the farm supplies business. Soufflet Agriculture supports farmers in their development with customised agricultural advice, technical monitoring and a range of innovative, competitive solutions. The company strives to maintain close relations with its customers wherever it operates.

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Soufflet Vigne offers vine growers, wine cooperatives and merchants its agricultural, wine-making, technical and regulatory expertise, as well as a full range of products and services, from planting and husbanding vines to producing and packaging wine.

Operating at the heart of France’s major wine-producing areas, the company also has a gardens and grounds business with its Le Souffle Vert brand. 

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Soufflet Négoce is in the business of best meeting its customers’ needs in cereals, oilseeds and dairy products, and offers a full range of products and logistics from Europe and the Black Sea basin.

The company controls its supply chains with its own port facilities and synergies with the Group’s expertise in wheat and barley. Soufflet Négoce is France’s second biggest exporter of cereals which go to sixty three countries.

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Moulins Soufflet is one of Europe’s top millers with eight mills in France and Belgium.

Specialists in selecting and processing wheat, the company blends and markets customised flour of a quality and consistency meeting the requirements of its various types of customer, including craft bakers, retailers and manufacturers in the food industry, both in France for export. With its Baguépi brand, Moulins Soufflet helps craft bakers develop the excellence of their expertise, especially regarding the quality of their products.

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Experts in formulating tailor-made ingredients, AIT Ingredients offers improver and corrector technical solutions and taste solutions with sourdough, roasted malt and cereal blends (mixes) that address a wide range of issues for its manufacturing customers in the food industry, mainly in the bakery sector.

The company develops its expertise on markets in Europe, Africa, South America, as well as in Russia, the Middle East and Asia.

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Controlling its supply chain enables Malteries Soufflet to meet the toughest specifications of its brewer customers – from field to beer, from the selection of new varieties through to choosing the best quality malting barley for its malt plants.

At its sites, experts carefully supervise all production processes in order to supply the very best quality malt. A front rank international player, Malteries Soufflet has 28 malt plants in Europe, Latin America and Asia, with an annual malt production capacity of 2,280,000 tonnes.

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Bakery / Neuhauser
Neuhauser is an important business in bakery goods in France and Portugal (Panpor).

It conceives, makes and sells a wide range of products:
- bakery goods: unbaked bread, bread prebaked on trays, bread prebaked on sole,
- frozen, unbaked and pre-proved morning goods,
- fresh morning goods: milk bread, brioches and Danish pastries,
- confectionery: doughnuts and pastel de nata.
The company is organised to supply the supermarket sector, out-of-home catering, baking terminals and specialist retailers in France, Europe and world-wide. It also develops its own brands including La Rustiguette and Kiosque à Pains. 45% of its sales are outside France.

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Fast Food Catering
The company offers exclusive, quality products prepared at the sales outlet and to order under the “Pomme de Pain” name in France and as fresh production under the “Le Crobag” name in Germany.

The two chains have more than 240 restaurants in eleven countries and operate in town centres, shopping centres, stations and airports. The chains sell sandwiches, hamburgers, morning goods, cakes, hot and cold drinks, for consumption at the outlet or to take away.

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Rice and Dried Vegetables
A manufacturer specialising in processing and packaging rice, pulses and blends of seeds, dry or heat treated in packets, Soufflet Alimentaire is also the French specialist in naturally gluten-free functional flour made from rice and pulses.

Soufflet Alimentaire has three plants in France, including one in partnership, and processes more than 250 raw materials into 2,000 product lines for the manufacturing, out-of-home catering and supermarket retailing markets, by means of its control of French rice (Camargue), green lentils (Le Puy) and quinoa production and supply chains together with its expertise in international sourcing.

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Soufflet Biotechnologies designs and produces bread-making enzymes and sourdough for AIT Ingredients and Moulins Soufflet.

With its key Lyven brand, the company operates in the wine-making and fruit processing fields, as well as in brewing/distilling. In animal nutrition, it offers specific enzyme complexes designed for both monogastrics (Avimalt, Feedlyve CS Ultimate) and ruminants (Bovimalt).

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Our professions
  • Project Manager / R&D Engineer (OSIRIS)
  • Agricultural Development Technician (Agronomist)
  • Crop Relationship Manager
  • Silo Manager
  • Desk Manager
  • Raw Materials Purchasing Manager
  • Head Flour Miller
  • Sector Manager, Traditional Bread-Making
  • Bakery Prodcut Demonstrator
  • Formulation Manager, AIT Ingredients
  • Malt production manager
  • Conducteur de ligne
  • Product Manager
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Laboratory Assistant
  • QSE Manager
  • Management Controller


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